Monitoring : comment tirer profit des logs de votre pare-feu avec Elassandra ?

Nous allons voir étape par étape comment tirer profit des logs générés par votre pare-feu pour monitorer le trafic réseau

Elassandra boot logs

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I’m this post I’m gonna show about deploying elassandra cluster in multi data center environment.

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To migrate data from cassandra to elassandra I’m gonna use cassandra sstableloader command...

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How to store and search data in Elassandra in a reactive way through the Cassandra driver and run unit tests

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This tutorial aims to demonstrate how to integrate Elassandra in your Python code. For this purpose, we will build a

7 Reasons Why Open-Source Elassandra (Cassandra + Elasticsearch) Is Worth a Look

By offering greater reliability and efficiency than its separate components, Elassandra presents an efficient new opportunity.

Fast Spark aggregation with Elassandra

Apache Spark is often used to aggregate data from various datastores like Apache Cassandra, Elasticsearch or from HDFS files. Columnar