Elassandra now support JMXMP

Elassandra now support JMXMP

When we run a java process it is very convenient to connect through JMX to diagnose some JVM behaviour (memory

Building Informational Databases Using Kafka Streaming and Elassandra at Ben Visa Vale

With the advent of microservices and the database per service pattern, we may end up with a highly distributed architecture,

How to deploy your Microservices under Kubernetes with Gravitee and Elassandra

The Gravitee Repository for Elassandra can be used to store Gravitee configuration, Rate Limits, Logs and Metrics, along with your

Monitoring : comment tirer profit des logs de votre pare-feu avec Elassandra ?

Nous allons voir étape par étape comment tirer profit des logs générés par votre pare-feu pour monitorer le trafic réseau

Elassandra boot logs

Deploy multi data center elassandra cluster

I’m this post I’m gonna show about deploying elassandra cluster in multi data center environment.

Migrate Cassandra data to Elassandra

To migrate data from cassandra to elassandra I’m gonna use cassandra sstableloader command...

Testing reactive microservices with micronaut Elassandra and Junit5

How to store and search data in Elassandra in a reactive way through the Cassandra driver and run unit tests

Kubernetes logs analysis with Elassandra, Fluent-Bit and Kibana

Using Fluent-Bit, a fast and lightweight log processor to forward kubernetes logs to Elassandra and build Kibana dashboards.

How To Migrate Data From Cassandra To Elassandra In Docker Containers

A client recently asked us to migrate a Cassandra cluster running in Docker containers to Elassandra, with the data directory