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The power of Elasticsearch directly from Apache Cassandra

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Elassandra combines Cassandra and Elasticsearch in a single powerful integrated solution

is an opensource distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine built on top of Apache Lucene.


Apache Cassandra is a distributed database  providing linear scalablity and proven fault-tolerence for mission-critical data.


provides mission-critical Elasticsearch allowing to directly search in your Apache Cassandra data on many datacenters.


Simplified data pipeline for Elasticsearch

By using Cassandra as a primary data storage for Elasticserach, Elassandra eliminates the need to periodically replicate and synchronize data to Elasticsearch.

Cross datacenter replication for Elasticsearch

Cassandra supports asynchronous multi-datacenter replication and various mechanisms to repair lost data.

Elasticsearch Stack

Elassandra remains compatible with the Elasticsearch stack, allowing to use popular Kibana, Logstash, Beat, Spark  and various plugins.

A masterless architecture

Elassandra removes the single point of failure of Elasticsearch by using a distributed transaction to manage its configuration.

A simpler management

Strapdata provides support and a plugins to monitor and secure Elasticsearch as Cassandra.

Scale on demand

Elassandra automatically extends your Elasticsearch indices when adding new nodes, allowing to smoothly scale-out to fit your business needs without down-time or heavy maintenance operations.

Elassandra architecture

Elassandra is Apache Cassandra with a closely integrated Elasticsearch engine. Cassandra data can be indexed in Elasticsearch without being duplicated.

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